” Due to the Covid 19 outbreak we have closed our facility in an effort to keep everyone safe and to do our part to help stop the spread of the virus. We hope to re-open April 4th when we will be asking clients to give us their dogs at our entrance in the parking lot. We will take your dog from you and return them to you in the parking lot after their session. Thank you and stay safe.”

The trained professionals at Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics and Conditioning Centre can be your facilitators as you help your dog be the best they can be.. while having fun!

Our team is here to provide services including:
*Kinesiology Taping
*Strength Training & Conditioning exercises
*Music Therapy
…all to help the quality of your dogs’ life in so many ways.

Whether you want your dog to:

*Lean to swim
*Burn energy
*Be in better over-all condition
*Gain confidence
*Increase range of motion, core strength, muscle tone and body awareness
*Learn to walk again after stroke, back injuries or old age weakness
*Reduce muscle spasms and compensation
*Float and let the water work its magic on sore joints and muscles
*Help reduce the affects of arthritis
*Feel good and have fun with Palliative Care Aquatics Sessions
*Regain mobility with mobility aids such as wheelchairs, harnesses or ramps

With your Veterinarians input we can help your dog recuperate from injury or surgery


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