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The trained professionals at Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics can be your facilitators as you help your dog be the best they can be!
Whether you want your dog to: burn energy, learn to swim, lose weight, float and let the water work its magic on sore joints and muscles….we are here to help make it happen!

With your vet’s input, we can help your dog recuperate from injury or surgery.
In the pool they can: do laps, fetch, play games have hands-on support with our own form of aquatic body work, or float their aches and pains away– whatever suits your goals and your dog’s abilities and preferences.


Our aboveground pool is 12 ft. wide, 24 ft. long, with a water depth of 4 ft.
A gentle, virtually chemical-free, sanitizing system keeps water clean, clear and soft.
The water is heated to approx. 90 deg F to promote circulation and relax muscles.
Wide, no-slip ramps allow for safe and gradual entry and exit.
We prefer to use K9 life jackets and or harnesses on your dog for safety while he/she is in the pool.
Every dog is accompanied in the pool by at least one qualified staff member.
At our indoor oasis, your dog can enjoy relief with a land-based massage.
All sessions are by appointment, can be set up by email, text, on line or phone.

We ask you give us 24 hrs notice of cancellation so we can fill your time slot with another pet.
Payment is a time of service in the form of cash, debit or credit card.
We have a number of cost saving packages for you to choose from.
There is a rinse-off/ wash area for use at a minimal fee. (free for clients)
Afterward, feel free to use the vacuum or blow dryer, to dry your dog before heading out.
If your dog needs a mobility aid, we have a number of harnesses and wheelchairs to help make their quality of life better.
For those clients who are feeding a raw diet, we have a number of different protein sources from K9 raw in our freezer as well as dehydrated treats and supplements for all dogs.

Warm, fuzzy Apres Aquatics and Massage K9 cover-ups to help keep your dog warm after their sessions with us.
Take the time to enjoy the examples of beautiful, artwork created just for you of the one(s) you love by Shari Seymour. (Wonderful, treasured keepsakes)
Come on in and visit us…you will be pleasantly surprised at what you will see and experience!

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