The staff are all wonderful and made such a difference in my girl’s life in her last year. She wasn’t a fan of swimming until coming here and after just a few sessions she started to really enjoy the swimming and it really helped with her mobility at home. She was happier and bouncier, the exercise gave her back the joy in movement. I love this place and can’t recommend it highly enough.
C. Kierstead

Today was BOOMERS 1st time with Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics Therapy after having TPLO surgery a mere 22 days ago to repair a torn Cruciate ligament. We couldn’t be more THRILLED with the entire experience. The facility is amazing, the staff are OUTSTANDING !!! They were sooooo loving and patient with our little fella as he was quite nervous being in a new environment with strangers … soon to be GREAT friends. They took the time to gain his trust and allowed him to get to know them before proceeding with his session. Boomer did a really GREAT job tonight and we look forward to seeing how he will progress over the next few months. Thank you Shari and Kaitlyn, You are both so lovely. Your love of dogs shines through in the work you do. You are personable, knowledgeable and we look forward to getting to know you better through Boomers recovery.
An AMAZZZING facility that we highly recommend to any fur baby needing specialty care whether from surgery, arthritis or maybe they just want to be more comfortable in/around the water !!!
A+ facility !!! A Clean and SAFE environment for all levels of mobility.
L. Maxwell

Only one word to describe these ladies….. AMAZING…. Janet and Shari basically saved my dog Charlie from a very expensive surgery on his hinde legs. These ladies made me learn to cook for my dogs and to start saving their lives by feeding them natural raw food… You should see them now!!!! I couldn’t believe the amount of caring they had for my guy Charlie from the moment I walked in. Thanks guys…. Charlie sends his love… xo
R. Fox

Amazing! Phenomenal trainers! You can really see the love they have for the animals. My fur babies were treated with such respect and care. From untrained and wild puppies to a senior suffering from arthritis; they were so adaptable, knowledgeable, patient and kind.
I’m so grateful to have found them!
J. Love

Absolutely wonderful facilities and staff. Very knowledgeable and compassionate people who clearly love what they do. Very attentive not only to our fur baby but attentive to my family. Big hearts work here. Thank you for all that you do.

From the moment you walk through the doors of Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics, you can feel the love the staff have for the dogs they work with. Shari and Kaitlyn have been amazing with my dog, Abby who is 11 and was recently diagnosed with DM. Not only have they helped Abby to maintain her strength and mobility, but they have been extremely supportive and have helped with recommendations to support Abby with her mobility at home (recommending a harness, home exercises, etc.) Abby absolutely loves going for her swims and her visits to Dog Paddle have helped keep her youthful spirit alive…what more could a dog ask for?
S. Kellar

Our pup has had only 3 swim therapy sessions and 1 massage session to help her heal & strengthen from knee surgery and it’s been absolutely incredible!!! I can’t say enough about the loving care, treatments, and the support Shari & staff have given and continue giving to both us and our girl. It’s been such a positive experience we’ve seen a complete turnaround in a very short period of time and she LOVES IT!!
It’s been the BEST decision we’ve made for her recovery!
I’m recommending this place to everyone I know with a dog who might need a little help and wellness, we all deserve to live our lives to the fullest & why not our fur kids too!!
Y. Virgin

First started bringing my dog Major to Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics a few weeks after he received bilateral TPLO surgery. Major was a little hesitant to start but the girls were very patient and slow with him until he gained their trust and was comfortable with them. Now when we walk in the door he knows exactly what they expect from him, if he is willing to do it because of his stubbornness is a different story, and loves being there. Thanks Janet and Shari for everything and for putting up with Maj’s craziness. Every visit is filled with laughs.
T. Spry

Chip has come so far in his development since his knee surgery in June. He started off not really knowing how to swim (something we are still working on) and displacing his weight to his other limbs, with great strain on those limbs, to walking without hopping and finally getting those legs moving in the water! The therapists really do take great care in their rehabilitation of the dogs, and we have been so fortunate to have found this wonderful place.
M. Lyon

Love, love, love the staff and expertise that exists in one place. Our girl has gone from limping around the house to full out swimming in a very short time. Her marked improvement is due to the swimming exercises. Under the supervision of these lovely ladies, who really care. They have taken the time to create a trusting relationship with our girl and have the knowledge to help her become physically healthy.
What more could a dog owner ask for?
Thank you, thank you, thank you OH and did I say THANK YOU!!!!
M. MacDonald

My tripawd Wilbur, found a love of water when he participated in a swimming program to use his muscles.
J. Rockey-Smith

We brought our dog Alessi after TPLO knee surgery twice a week for 6 weeks and she dramatically increased her muscle mass in her surgical leg. She is now swimming and walking as she did before. Thank you for pushing my girl and putting up with her silliness. I think it helped her achieve a speedy recovery but more importantly, she enjoyed it.

My 8 month old mini Australian Shepherd JoJo had her first swimming lesson today. I am so amazed with the patience these ladies have – SO WONDERFUL! They took time at the beginning of the session to love on JoJo and let her become comfortable around them. JoJo was naturally a bit nervous of the pool, but the ladies took their time allowing her to absorb what was going on. I am so excited to continue JoJo’s swimming sessions with Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics.
S. Morrison

I know a thing or two about joint injuries and pain because I suffer fibromyalgia …. after very generous phone conversation today, I can say they CLEARLY know what they are talking about and what they are doing! If I didn’t live 3 and a half hours away, I’d be going!
R. Trooper

I can’t say enough about Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics. Shari has been working with my 14 and 15 yr old Aussies who’ve never liked swimming and now they love it and I love seeing them age backwards!!

The ladies were lovely and patient with my girl, and she loved the pool!
A.J. Perry

These ladies are amazing!!! The vet said to bring our dacsi to Dog Paddle when we brought our little MiMi in to be put down. She was depressed, not eating and not able to move at all. The vet said MiMi was not ready to go yet. We booked our first visit with the ladies at Dog Paddle.. followed the input the team suggested and now she is not only running and playing but happy and very much alive!! We are telling everyone we know about this facility!! Thank you so much!!!

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