Shari Seymour

Shari was one of those kids who brought home every stray animal she came across. The neighborhood children recognized the special ‘way” she had with animals and brought injured animals to her for help.

As most girls do, Shari fell in love with horses. She trained and competed on many levels and in many disciplines of horsemanship over the years.

Capturing the spirit of animal in paintings and drawings was a big part of her childhood. At the age of 7, she won honourable mention in an Ottawa wide poster contest for the Humane Society.

As a young woman in the 1970’s, Shari felt there was an important part of animal health care that was being over-looked. At that time, rehabilitation for animals in North America was virtually non-existent. She soon learned what her quest was. She wanted to help animals as they aged, recovered from surgery or injury and thanks to the veterinarians Shari’s worked with, she would teach animal lovers how to help their animals in between vet visits

She trained in the field of Laboratory Medicine for humans, small animal science, equine care, animal communication, horse and dog massage, anatomy and physiology, as well as small animal science,
In 1994, together with J. P. Hourdebaigt, Shari co-authored and illustrated a book to teach dog lovers how to help their dogs with massage. She also illustrated a book on horse massage. Both were published by Howell Book House of New York and sold worldwide in several languages.

Teaching programs and videos were also incorporated into the mix and Shari with her dog Montana were on the road giving lectures and seminars in front of lay-people and veterinary professionals.

After moving to Rice Lake, she used massage-style techniques on her dog Montana in the water, during the summer months. Once she saw the benefit and changes in her dog, she decided to build a heated, indoor, salt water pool in 2009. In this pool, Shari helped over an hundred dogs.

In the spring of 2010, she spent a couple of weeks swimming dogs with Cindy Horsfal of La Paw Spa in Washington.

Her love and affinity for animals is still very apparent while watching her as she helps animals with massage – style body work and aquatic techniques in her warm, salt water pool.

With the demand growing, and having limited space at her home, in 2013 she took up a client’s offer to use a new, larger pool in The Deck Store in Oshawa.

Shari partnered with former client, Janet Sharp, and created “Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics”. The larger facility and pool enables large and giant breed dogs to experience the relief of warm, salt water.

Shari and Janet offer assisted recreational swims, D’Aqua-ssage and float sessions for dogs in the pool as well as massage-style body work out of the pool.

Her quest to teach animal lovers to help their animals themselves continues.

When she’s not behind the easel, in the pool or on the road to a clients’ home, Shari is writing 2 more books and creating DVD’s.

Janet Sharp

Janet’s experience with and her love of animals is life long. Having been born into a family of third generation beef and dairy farmers, Janet successfully showed her own string of purebred Black Angus cattle across Canada and she was a leader for the local 4-H Beef Club for several years.

Her family was also involved in the world of Standardbred racing which caused a natural evolution for Janet to own several pleasure riding horses, with a dream yet to be fulfilled of having a team of heavy horses.
Janet’s background also includes working at several cattle and horse farms as well as at municipal animal control shelters.

She continues to volunteer for a variety of organizations that promote the humane treatment of and who rescue animals for rehoming.

She currently shares her home with 5 cats, and Loki, a 6 year old Great Dane.

Janet loves trail riding, volunteering in her community and continuing to learn more about alternative therapies for animals and their care givers.

She has successfully completed courses in;  Animal Communication, Reiki, Enchance Your Dog’s Life Massage Level One, University of Guelph animal care modules and is currently studying Small Animal Acupressure with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute.  Because the theories and practises of Chinese medicine continue to amaze and intrigue Janet, she plans on completing the Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner program and is persuing national certification from the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage Practitioners.

In 2013 Janet successfully completed the Canine Hydrotherapy program offered by the world renowned Gray Friars Veterinary and Rehabilitation Centre from Hoggs Back, United Kingdom.

Watching as animals respond to the healing properties of water and allowing the body’s innate ability to heal is such an exhilarating experience it fuels her desire to study traditional and allopathic healing therapies.