Our team will give you the value of our over 40 combined years in canine massage, canine hydrotherapy/aquatics, canine strength training, canine chiropractic, canine anatomy, behaviour, conditioning and rehabilitation experiences.

Our goal is to help your pet be the best they can be as they paddle their way to wellness.

Shari Seymour (CEO, CMT, EMT, CH)

Shari Seymour (CEO, CMT, EMT, CH) is an animal artist, author, educator and has shared her life with many animals. Her background includes: 20 years in human laboratory medicine, Canine and Equine Massage since 1994, Canine Hydrotherapy since 2007, Anatomy and Physiology, Myology, Canine Behaviour, Veterinary Sciences/ Assistance and Kinesiology Taping.
She has many years of experience with dogs having grown up with them and competing in Obedience.
Shari has been massaging dogs and teaching dog guardians how to massage their own dogs since 1994.

Shari co-authored the best-selling book “Canine Massage; A Practical Guide” (which is used in most Canine Massage Courses) after her collaborative work with J.P. Hourdebaigt RMT and Dr. E. Beltran DVM in 1995.

In 2007 she began her work with dogs in the water and she has spent hundreds of days with dogs in lakes and pools. In 2008 Shari worked with Cindy Horsfall during a two level Canine Hydrotherapy program at La Paw Spa in Seattle.

In 2014, Shari and Janet created Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics and began in a pool located in Oshawa. In 2015, they found their current location and built the existing facility in Bowmanville with a 12’ x 24’ indoor warm water pool with separate areas for land-based work.

Janet Sharp (Manager, CH)

Janet Sharp (Manager, CH) has many years experience with animals having grown up on a farm as well as showing cattle across Canada, racing standardbred horses and owning pleasure horses. She shares many years of having her own dogs, has worked with animal control at shelters and has spent many years educating herself in Animal Communication, Reiki, Canine Massage, Canine Acupressure through Tallgrass Inc. and Animal Care at the University of Guelph. Janet has level two certification in Canine Hydrotherapy having studied under the amazing experts at Greyfiars Farm Veterinary Centre that specialize in Canine Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy in the U.K.

Kaitlyn Goodwin (RVT, Rehab)

Kaitlyn Goodwin (RVT, Rehab) enjoys sharing her life with furry family members. She’s worked as a groomer and has her Veterinary Technician diploma as well as certification in Canine Rehabilitation including Massage, Hydrotherapy and Land-Based Conditioning for dogs from Northern College in Ontario.

Kaitlyn joined the Dog Paddle team in 2016 and has been a valuable asset with her knowledge, awareness and love of dogs.

Cathy Balmer (CMT, CCT, RN)

Cathy Balmer (CMT, CCT, RN) loves animals and has enjoyed performing several sport activities with her dogs including herding and agility. She has an extensive background in human anatomy and movement having worked in paediatric neuromuscular health, rehabilitation and fitness for over 30 years. Her passion has been studying movement and helping humans prepare for and excel in sport, gait and posture, injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as slowing the effects of aging.

She became interested in helping dogs become stronger and live better lives over the course of a 6 year period. Her dog was born with structural abnormalities that required multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation with Tanya Costa.

She is a Certified Canine Massage Specialist from the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy. Cathy studied and worked with Debbie Torraca of the University of Tennessee Canine Rehabilitation program and Denise Fenzi who is one of the leading authorities in training dogs for competition.
Cathy’s role as Certified Canine Conditioning Trainer involves tapping into her ability to assess a dog for his/her own physical body type with its own structural differences and allows the family to become more involved in keeping their dog strong, to excel in activities and remain injury-free.
She joined the Dog Paddle team in early 2018 and empowers the guardians of our dog clients to help their own dogs become stronger.

Dr. Cameron Campbell ( H.B.Kin.,DC)

Dr. Cameron Campbell ( H.B.Kin.,DC) grew up living an active life. His family always had small animals such as gerbils, hamsters or fish which allowed for them to be active as a family but in the back of his mind he wanted to share his life with dogs.
He began visiting a chiropractor when he was 11 years old and throughout his young adulthood, Cam had a strong interest in fitness and health and knew he wanted to work in health care.

In his last year of university, he started experiencing frequent headaches. No matter what he tried, his chiropractor was the only person who could help him find relief.

This is when Dr. Cam began to understand what chiropractic care was about. By aligning your spine and your joints, your nervous system can help your body heal naturally, on its own.

After attaining an honors degree in human Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario, Dr. Campbell found that the chiropractic philosophy resonated with him and he decided to move forward with a career in chiropractic care. In 2001 Dr. Cam graduated from The Southern California University of Health Sciences as a chiropractor.

Cameron has always loved animals and shortly after returning home from university in the US he adopted Brady, a cute Maltese. Unfortunately, early in his young life, Brady began to experience seizures daily. He was on the usual protocol of seizure medications and was taken to a local animal chiropractor for help. It was “amazing” remembers Dr. Cam. “After each adjustment his little body would relax, and he was able to rest comfortably.”
At this point, Dr. Cam decided to further his education and graduated from the Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Centre as a Certified Animal Chiropractor in 2011. He is recognised and governed by both the College of Animal Chiropractors and The Ontario Veterinary Association. Dr. Cam has been providing chiropractic care to dogs and horses as well as the occasional cat and rabbit ever since.

He also understands the benefits of Laser Therapy and is certified to work with animals and people. Dr. Campbell continues to further his education and services for the betterment of people and their animals.

Cameron joined the Dog Paddle team in 2018 and has made a very positive impact on the client dogs, and their guardians.

Wendy Ayre (Reception and Manufacturer)

Wendy Ayre (Reception and Manufacturer)Grew up on a sheep farm and is amazing with her talents to sew. She has always had animals in her life and met the Dog Paddle team in early 2018 because of her dog Gwen. Gwen had Degenerative Neuropathy and had special needs which inspired Wendy to make mobility products and float enhancements.

Her sense of humour and smiling face welcomes everyone to our facility. She is a wonderful asset to the Dog Paddle team.

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