Conditioning Exercise/ Strength Training:

K9 Conditioning and Strength Training is a great way to provide physical exercise,
mental stimulation, fun and bonding with you…without leaving your home. The exercises are specific to your dogs needs and they are FUN.

This type of exercise engages core muscles needed in order to move safely and efficiently while learning commands, burning energy, having fun and gaining confidence.

Many dogs are weekend warriors and the rest of the week they spend most of the day lounging while waiting for us to come home. Although we may think that throwing a ball or stick is good exercise once we get home …if our dog has been lying around waiting for us all day and we engage in such strenuous activity…our dog is at greater risk of injury!!! We see many muscle strains and knee injuries at our facility that are easily prevented if doggies are more body aware with stronger core muscles.

Each session is approximately 30 minutes.

Cathy will take you and your dog back to our “pump it up” area where she will watch your dog move, put her hands on and describe to you what she sees and feels. Just like us, dogs are great at hiding muscle weakness by compensating. She will take the time to show you how your dog has been moving and help him/her to regain the strength in weak areas to prevent injury. As this is work that requires your dog to focus, she prefers to work with one dog at a time.

Cathy will use several techniques that will help your dog build better core muscle and awareness of where their bodies are…including their limbs while you learn to do these exercises with your dog yourself! It is surprising how when these exercises are performed properly (we teach you how) by activating and engaging the muscles at the core of his body, in a short timeframe of just a few minutes a day… your dog gets a great workout. He will become mentally and physically relaxed.

We believe that your dog’s fitness routine should include 5 main components:
 Strength: developing strength and muscle mass can protect the joints from injury and keep your dog energetic for its entire life.
Cardio: we need a strong heart to live a strong life.  Intense cardio can burn a lot of calories to help keep our dogs fit and lean.
Core: the core is the key to our alignment and power.  Having a strong core and knowing how to engage it during activity increases performance and lowers injury risk.
Unilateral and Balance: training unilaterally to make sure that the muscles are equally strong on each side and direction reduces injury risk. Balance drills help hone and maintain proprioception.
Before work out Range of Motion (ROM): these simple moves can help the dog warm up and increase mobility, both of which can reduce risk of injury.

Strength Training for Dogs
There are many reasons to incorporate strength training in your dog’s fitness routine.  Proper weight management and strength training can really help with a dog’s overall health and quality of life.  First and foremost, and the one that has the most effect is weight management and body condition. It’s best to get the dogs to an ideal weight so there is a decrease of stress on the joints. With body conditioning, we aim to get the dogs’ strength built up that way the muscle mass and muscle function will help protect the joints, keep them stable and less apt to be injured.

Key benefits of strength training your dog:
*Helps reduce occurrences of health ailments including arthritis, and joint pain.
*Strengthens the muscular and skeletal systems as well as connective tissues (tendons) which can help prevent injury.
*Helps burn calories and increases overall metabolic rate.
*Increases performance in sporting and working tasks.

This is not a one program fits all approach. We look at each dog as the individual they are and prepare a program to get him or her into better physical condition. Video will be taken at the session and will be sent to you along with explanation of the exercises to be performed at home.

All Services must be paid for at time of visit.
Discounted Packages can be shared among family dogs and are good for one year.
Cancellation Policy: We ask that you please give us at least 24 hours notice if you have to cancel your session. This will allow us to give another dog your space. If you are a no-show, or we have less than 24 hours notice, there is a $25 charge for the missed session.

3% Administrative Fee for refunds.

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