Is a process of applying flexible adhesive tape to the dogs body in such a way as to facilitate the body’s natural healing process as well as increasing it’s neurological awareness.

In humans, many athletes use it for support and enhance performance. In dogs it provides support and stability to joints and muscles without restricting the natural range of motion. The tape will also provide extended soft tissue manipulation which helps reduce pain and increase blood flow to promote healing.

The application of this tape works best on short hair…which means some dogs will have to be trimmed beforehand. We have found that this procedure works best if the dog remains dry, otherwise the tape will come off and we will have to re-apply. The tape may only remain on the dog for a few days, but the benefit is worth it!

The Taping procedure only takes a few minutes if your dog already has a short coat. If not, we will have to trim the hair/fur before application of the tape and the cost of the session is reflective of the time it takes in total to apply the tape. We suggest you have the area trimmed by a groomer or yourself before you come in.

All Services must be paid for at time of visit.

Cancellation Policy: We ask that you please give us at least 24 hours notice if you have to cancel your session. This will allow us to give another dog your space. If you are a no-show, or we have less than 24 hours notice, there is a $25 charge for the missed session.

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