We have a variety of ramps in the facility, it is best to check with us to see what is in stock.

The SolvitUltraLite Bi-Fold Pet Ramp is a dense-plastic construction that is incredibly sturdy and rugged, it boasts a holding capacity of up to 150lbs which is more than enough to support the weight of all small/medium-larged sized dogs. The model itself weighs the small amount of 10lbs making it the lightest available dog ramp on the market.

The ramp is incredibly easy to set-up due to it being a bi-fold ramp and is incredibly low maintenance, it only requires soap and water to clean and retains its shape throughout multiple weathers preventing rust and structure damage.This ramp comes with plenty of safety features as standard. Once folded, this ramp has an in-built safety mechanism that latches to the ramp to keep it tightly secured while folded. The high-traction material on the ramp is designed entirely to provide the upmost amount of grip available for your dog.

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