Your Initial Visit (By Appointment Only)

Your first visit is an intake session when we review the needs of your dog, discuss your goals, have you fill in our required paperwork.
Please leave your dog in the car and check with us before you bring him/her in.
Please remove your outdoor footwear and make sure your dogs’ feet are clean. (we have a bucket of water and cloths by the entrance)

Veterinary Information

We require ALL dogs to have a vet information form filled in by your vet, before you come for your Initial Visit. If your dog has had any medical conditions, previous injuries, surgery or who has been diagnosed with any disease, we require as much detail as possible.
Please note that Initial Visits are given to one dog at a time. You can book back-to-back Initial Visits for multiple dogs

If your dog is coming for Recreational Swimming/ Learn to Swim, To Burn Energy the Initial Visit is 30 minutes. We gather information for our file, introduce you to the facility and your dog to the pool. We will then formulate a plan keeping in mind what your goals are.

If your dog is coming for Massage, Strength Training, Chiropractic or Laser, the Initial Visit will be approximately 45 Minutes. We gather information for our file, introduce you to the facility, evaluate where your dog is at in terms of muscle compensation, strength, over-all condition and mobility. We will then formulate a plan that is best suited to your dog. Your dog will receive a session with us at that time.

Dogs who are being sent by your vet, are seeing us for Conditioning and who has had past injury or surgery, the Initial Visit will be approximately 45 minutes long. During which time we will go over the Veterinary Information, gather other pertinent information, (watch your dog sit, stand, walk in patterns and reverse) perform a gait analysis, check range of motion, take measurements, put our hands on to see where muscle compensation may be.

We will introduce you and your dog to our facility. It is during this visit that we will formulate a plan that would be best suited specifically for your dog. We may decide to introduce them to the pool or we may begin with land-based work during this first session.

Should we decide to begin with Massage, we will check to see where your dogs’ muscle tension or compensation is and look at what areas he may need more attention. This will help us as we move forward with a plan that is tailored to the specific needs of your dog. A qualified member of the team will perform a short massage during the Initial Visit and show you what to do at home.

We may choose to begin with Aquatics. If so, we will introduce your dog to the pool in a calm, safe manner so as to build their confidence while they process this new experience. Don’t expect any swan dives during this time as the pool is a very new to him/her. Some dogs only get as far as getting their feet wet on the ramp. But we make sure the first visit to the pool is a positive one. Once again, we will develop a plan that is tailored to your dog specifically.
When you bring your dog to see Cathy for Strength Training she will watch your dog move, do specific tests to find weaknesses and perform certain exercises that you will perform at home (she will show you how, have you practise and send you a video).

If your dog is here to see Dr. Campbell for Chiropractic or Laser, he will watch your dog move, talk about his history, assess your dogs’ body, will make adjustments to your dog and/or perform laser as needed.
During this whole process, you and your family play an integral part by giving us feedback as to how your dog does at home so we can adjust the plan for the best gains.

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