First Time Visitors To Dog Paddle K9 Aquatics

Please check in with us before bringing your dog in the facility to make sure “the coast is clear” of other dogs.
Keep your dog on a leash at all times. (NO retractable leashes please)
Please make sure your dog has relieved him/herself before entering the facility. (kindly pick up after your dog and place it in the waste container outside our door)
In wet/ muddy weather, please wipe your dogs’ feet using the bucket of water and towel provided at the entrance.
Remove your outdoor footwear at the door and put on your “indoor” footwear.
Wear layers….it gets very warm in the facility.
Veterinary Information
We require ALL dogs to have a vet information form filled in by your vet, before you come for your Initial Visit. If your dog has had any medical conditions, surgery or who has been diagnosed with any disease, we require as much detail as possible.
If your dog is here for a session in the pool, remember to bring your towels, life jacket if you have one, treats and toys with you when you bring your dog to the pool area.
Please do not feed your dog within 3 hours of his pool visit.
Make sure your dogs’ nails are short and rounded (not freshly cut) as we can get scratched quite badly by their paws as he/she swims. Please attempt to remove burrs or other foreign matter when you brush your dog before your visit.

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